Sparrow - die industrielle Ersatzteilplattform

Our mission is to drastically reduce the global stock of spare parts while increasing their availability.

We develop better ways to ensure high technical availability at lower costs. 

We believe that through access to better data and tools we can address many of the current issues in the industrial aftermarket. 

Sparrow is based in Germany, serving customers across Europe.


Meir Veisberg

  • CEO and Founder

Mario Franic

  • Head of Engineering

Marko Kranjac

  • Architekt und
    Backend Lead

Torsten Grünzig

  • VP of Sales

Mate Bojcic

  • Frontend Lead

Bojan Delac

  • Backend Developer

Bharathi Krishnaswamy

  • Product Operations

Jens Schubert

  • Product Data Lead

Vipul Malik

  • Praktikant
    Product Data

Igor Pleic

  • Frontend Developer


Dr. Stefan

  • Chairman of the supervisory board, 4flow AG

Dr. Christoph Beumer

  • Chairman and CEO
    BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG