Improved Customer Service

  • Support your customers by using the Sparrow network to find missing parts.

A New Aftermarket Sales Channel

  • Grow your spare parts sales by making it easier for your customers to buy spare parts directly from their spare parts manager tool.

Better Planned spare parts supply chain

  • Reduce lead times by better planning your supply chain, powered by Sparrow's aggregate data on demand for spare parts.

How the Sparrow Pool Works

Join the Sparrow pool

  • Upload your local stock to the platform so you can support other members in need. As a pool member, you can also search the pool for parts in case your customer needs a part you don’t have in stock. 

Sell on Sparrow

  • Sparrow offers a unique opportunity for aftermarket parts sales. As a closed marketplace, we make it easy for operators to buy parts directly from their spare parts lists. When you offer parts on Sparrow, your customers know they get the right part.

Provide parts data

  • Support the project by providing data about your own manufactured parts. This helps Sparrow match parts better, which in turn helps your customers.

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